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Airdrie Hospice Open House & Guest Speakers March 2019

March 15, 2019

Airdrie Hospice Open House - March 25, 2019

You are invited to our FREE Open House on March 25, 2019. An open house gives you a chance to learn more about us and what we do plus what our future plans are. It also gives you a chance to see how you can help and become more involved!

At this open house we will have two guest speakers, who will speak on very interesting and informative topics! Everyone is welcome to attend, refreshments will be served and you will have a chance to gain valuable information.

Guest Speaker - Alexandra Kushliak: Advance Goal Planning & Goals of Care

Alexandra is an education consultants with Alberta Health Services and will be discussing Goals of Care and Advance Goal Planning. You will come away with information on how you can customize your goals of care to ensure future needs are understood and met.

Guest Speaker - Shawn Kraft: Wills, Living Wills & Power of Attorney

Shawn is with Warnock Kraft Anderson and will be discussing the procedure and processes of Wills, Living Wills and Power of Attorney.

Open House March 2019

Where: Nose Creek Museum  1701 Main St. S Airdrie, AB
When: March 25th, 2019   630pm-830pm

Airdrie & Area Grief Support Group

March 15, 2019

Airdrie &  Area Grief Support Group

This six-week program is for adults over 18 who are going through the loss of a loved one. This smaller group setting will allow you to discover support and coping mechanisms.

Participants are expected to attend each session, which will be held May 2, 9, 16, 23 and June 6, 2019.

Register for Grief Support Group

To register or get more information you can call 403.880.0424 or visit

Who Can Attend Grief Support Group

This session will be held at Luxstone Manor in Airdrie, Alberta but the program is open to those in surrounding areas. Please contact us for details.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Airdrie Alberta Hike for Hospice Event 2019

March 13, 2019

Annual Hike for Hospice Event

You are INVITED! Come join us May 11, 2019 at East Lake Park (720 East Lake Road) to raise awareness for Hospice and show your support!

Hike for Hospice Walk, Run, Jog

We have two routes available, a 1 km and 5 km route - all wheelchair accessible. You can walk, run, job, skip, choose! This is a fun event with great people!

Hike for Hospice Open to Everyone

Bring the family, bring the pets, bring the fish - whatever you want - we just want to see you there! Everyone is welcome but we do need you to register so we can get everyone set up quickly the day of the event.

Hike for Hospice Day Event

Once you are done your hike, don't run away! (Pardon the pun!) Stay afterwards for a BBQ, some music and a silent auction! This is a time to meet others in and around your community, to learn more about the Hospice if you wish and to have fun!

Registration Fees for Hike for Hospice

100% of all proceeds stay in our Community! By supporting the Hike you are helping Airdrie & District in their goals of providing Hospice and support to those in need. Registration fee helps cover the cost of materials and then further proceeds can go directly to the Hospice.

Individual: $25 per person
Family/Groups/Business Team: $50

You can also download a registration form once you are registered and collect pledges from family & friends.

If you would like to support us but can not make the hike, we always welcome donations! You can donate here:  and choose Hike for Hospice to see the funds go to the program you wish!

Volunteers Needed

We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers! Event volunteers help us with organizing the event, setting up and tearing down equipment, aiding the public with any questions and distributing marketing materials/posters. If you would like to consider volunteering for this or any event please visit our website for details!  If you would like to post this poster at your workplace or other public area you can download a copy from our website as well!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 18 November 2018

National Bereavement Day 2018

November 15, 2018

National Bereavement Day November 20, 2018

A time to reflect, a time to mourn, a time to come together and share grief experiences. Grief is a
natural part of life and something everyone, at some point, will experience. There are many programs and organizations out there to help you through this process. During the month of November, we share those resources and tools to help those going through the grieving process and encourage others to communicate their stories.

What is Grief

Grief is a strong and powerful emotion and for some people, can be totally debilitating. While it is a natural process that one goes through after loss of a loved one, grief can sometimes be harmful to an individual.

Grief is a process with various stages. You may skip a stage or go through it slowly or quickly. Everyone deals with grief differently and proceeds at their own pace.

7 Stages of Grief

  1. Shock & Denial - Not believing the loss has happened. Shock protects you from overwhelming emotions coming at you all at once. 
  2.  Pain & Guilt - Once the shock subsides a bit, it's normal to feel the sadness and reflect on things you may regret having/not having done which results in feeling guilty. Some will get through this stage quickly, others will take longer. It is important to be open with your feelings and never try to escape them with drugs or alcohol or other addictive and harmful behaviours. 
  3. Anger & Bargaining - Now that you have had time to reflect you may begin thinking others are responsible for the death of your loved one or that they could have done things differently. Remember that things said in anger can be harmful to relationships so while it's important to release your emotions, seek assistance to do so in a productive and non-harmful way.
  4. Depression & Loneliness - So you have worked through your emotions...or so you thought. Now you realize the reality of your situation and feeling lost and alone right now is common. Others may be telling you it's time to move on but don't let them rush you, go about it at your own pace.
  5. Looking Up - This is when intense feelings of sadness, despair and anger begin to abate. You are adjusting to life without your loved one and things are a little more organized than before.
  6. Reconstruction - You realize life without your loved one will require some changes and now you are taking the 'horse by the reins'. This may mean you are beginning to find financial solutions, learn daily activities you may not have known before such as grocery shopping, cooking, yard work etc.
  7. Acceptance & Hope - Finally you come to the last stage of grief. Do not think this stage means happiness and that you will 'over' your sadness. You will always miss and cherish your loved one and you will never be that same person you before you lost them. You are now a new person with new strengths after the challenges you have come through. In this stage you begin to plan for the future and look forward to doing activities again. There will also come a day where you can think of your loved one and smile with fond memories instead of being taken over by sadness but this, too, will come in time.

How to Deal With Grief

There are many ways to deal with grief and again, everyone will deal with grief and loss in their own way on their own terms. You may choose to seek counselling or spend time alone and work through that way. Or you may choose a combinations of therapies that work for you.

1. Acknowledge Your Pain
2. Expect Different Emotions to Arise at Given Times
3. Know the Grief Process Will be Unique for You 
4. Be Open to Support From People in Your Network
5. Take Care of Yourself Physically. Eat well, get enough sleep and exercise - even a brisk walk.

There are many other ways to deal with grief and as you go through your own process you will find what works for you and what doesn't. Some people get involved in volunteer work, others may take up painting or what is right for you and what feels right.

How You Can Spread Awareness

Share your story, encourage others you know to open up about theirs if they are ready. Spread the word on social media and get the word out on November 20th to honour National Bereavement Day.

Gone are the days of not talking about death. Today,  more and more people are open to discussing End of Life and what their preferences are leading up to the final transition. It is ok to talk about death and it's healthy to discuss it as it's a natural part of life. We have all lost someone dear to us, we all have a story to share.

National Bereavement Day reminds us that we are not alone. There is support, there is hope for light in our lives again. Reach out to your local Hospice to see what resources are available to you.

In Airdrie Alberta and surrounding area you can contact the Airdrie & District Hospice Society at

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Coping With Grief During the Holidays and Other Special Occasions Workshop

October 30, 2018

Coping With Grief Workshop

Grief. A 5 letter word used to describe feelings of loss and sadness, but the word itself doesn't come close to capturing the raw emotions felt by loss of loved ones. Grief is a natural feeling and a natural process after losing someone you cherish. It is especially difficult around the holidays and other special occasions to deal with grief and this is where workshops and support programs can help.

What is Grief

Grief is a normal process when dealing with loss but still unique for everyone. Each individual handles grief differently and in their own way. It can be an overwhelming emotion and at times, can interfere with an individuals daily life. There is no set time how long someone will grieve for or how they go about dealing with their pain but there are support programs to help you.

The 5 Stages of Grief

There are five stages of grief. Helping understand them can help you understand the process and why you are feeling what you are feeling. The five stages are:
  1. Denial: "This isn't happening to me"
  2. Anger: "Why is it happening? Who can I blame?"
  3. Bargaining: "Please make this not happen and in return I will ____"
  4. Depression: "I don't want to do anything anymore"
  5. Acceptance: " I am at peace with all that has happened. I accept what is."

Our Grief Support Program

At Airdrie & District Hospice Society we offer many support programs during the year. One that we hold now, closer to the holidays it the "Coping with Grief During the Holidays and Other Special Occasions".  This free workshop will help you understand grief and offer some ways to help you cope. (Space is limited so please pre-register to hold your spot.)

To learn more about this program and others that we offer, please visit our website at and look under Events.

All About Hospice Care

October 30, 2018

All About Hospice

Hospice is not necessarily a place, but more about planning End of Life care. Many people die in hospitals or care facilities without having the chance to discuss their wishes for End of Life care. Hospice allows the patient, along with their caregivers, to address their wishes and needs to ensure a comfortable transition.

Where Does Hospice Take Place?

Hospice can be provided in a variety of settings including a home or nursing home, inpatient at the hospital or assisted living facilities. The focus is to make the patient comfortable and to provide support for the caregiver(s).

Who Assists With Hospice Care?

Hospice care can involve a few people to many people depending on the needs of the patient and the caregiver(s). Medical professionals like nurses and doctors can be involved, social workers and spiritual support individuals as well as volunteers can be brought in as well. The overall goal is to provide medical support as well as emotional and spiritual support as needed.

Why Hospice?

Hospice is about Quality of Life. When a patient's illness is not responding to treatment and it is determined they have a limited life expectancy, then it is time to provide Hospice care so the patient can be as comfortable during their final days.

Caregivers often have to balance their daily lives (jobs, children etc) with also taking care of the patient which can be very stressful and difficult. Hospice can help. Volunteers can help by sitting with the patient and give caregivers a chance to tend to their duties. Support workers can come in to discuss possible programs to assist the caregiver as well.

It's important to remember: You Are Not Alone. Hospice is there to help. 

Contact the Airdrie & District Hospice Society today to see how we can help you. Our services are free and we serve the Airdrie and surrounding areas.

Airdrie Hospice Open House & Guest Speakers March 2019

March 15, 2019 Airdrie Hospice Open House - March 25, 2019 You are invited to our FREE Open House on March 25, 2019 . An open house g...